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Our board was formed by three creative individuals that were all seeking collaboration, support, and more creative individuals to create with and learn from. 

Creative Norway's board has since expanded to include experienced members of the community with both artistic perspectives and practical skills needed to run a creative non-profit.

Interested in joining our board and helping to support our creative mission? Contact us via email at

JESS COOPER (she/her)


Jess Cooper is the executive director of Creative Norway.

Jess has been a member of the Creative Norway Board of Directors since April of 2019 and served as administrator of House Lorax Art Collective since December of 2018 . Since this time, she has created social media pages to promote creative community, offered donation-based art classes, and participated in outreach to increase the member base. She has been a part of Creative Norway’s project, the Nevaeh Dance Circus, since 2017 which has been an integral part of her involvement with the creative folks in Norway and the surrounding communities,
Jess has worked in project management for the better part of the last 6 years, building experience in communication, organizing, and managing large-scale projects. 

Jess is also a founding worker-owner of the cargo-bike cooperative Spoke Folks where she has been responsible for building social media to promote the small business, help develop a business plan for the future of the cooperative, delegate admin tasks among herself and the other worker-owners, create schedules, and organize customer information. This work allows Jess to serve her community sustainably while providing education about diverting food waste from landfills, building community composting systems, and working in an environment that allows for living wages and physical exercise.



Nettie is the co-founder/artistic director of Nevaeh Dance Circus and has taught dance for half of her life. Nettie is also a performance artist who has performed all over New England as both a dancer and a hula hooper. She is also fiber artist and homeschooling mother.



Kim has been a bookkeeper for 20+ years and enjoys connecting with artistic individuals.


She connected with Creative Norway during Cow Pasture Community Theater's first production "An Evening at Dave's Sauna" where she served as the sole backstage hand/props director and also played a role as "Neighbor Not Happy".



Katie Brodie is living her best life! Raised in southern Maine and now a mother to four beautiful boys, she is a business owner, homeschooling mum, and devout artistic dabbler. Her freedom and focus are manifested in opportunities for adventure, connection, and FUN. In her free time, Katie enjoys being outdoors and barefoot as much as possible. She has a deep love for yoga, gardening, hiking and being on the beautiful waterways of Maine. Katie and her partner are currently developing 49 acres in western Maine for off-grid living and homesteading. Katie first joined CN as a student of Nettie Loops in November 2021 and her experiences have grown to include performer, teacher, and board member. Katie lends her skills, commitment, and courage in an energetic exchange with the collective, and feels deep gratitude for the abundance this partnership has offered.

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